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Installation & Care Instructions for Blinds and Shades

Vertical Blind Installation Instructions
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Types of installations:
A) inside the window casing
B) outside the window casing

Inside Mount

A) With inside the window casing (inside mount) installation, the vertical blinds headrail will be mounted within the window frame. Provided, are installation clips for the appropriate width of the track. Blinds up to 52" require two clips, one at each end four inches in from the end. Blinds over 52" will require three or more clips spread equally across the width of the headrail as well as the ends for added support. Clips are placed in the ceiling of the window frame using one screw. The hole in the clip for the installation screw must be at least 2 ¼" away from the window, the wall or any other projections to allow full vane rotation. Depending on the type of window casing (wood, drywall, metal) plugs may be needed. The clip release flange goes toward the wall or window. Tighten all screws so the clips are securely mounted before attaching the headrail.

Outside Mount

B) Outside mount is designed for hanging the vertical blind on the wall or outside the window frame
  • Using the provided brackets insert screw into the bottom oval shaped hole. This is the positioning hole for the bracket.
  • Make sure that the top of the bracket is level then insert a screw into the hole that is above the positioning hole.
  • Position an installation bracket on the wall approximately 3" from each end of the headrail.
  • Ensure proper vane clearance when mounting the brackets. Vanes require ½" clearance from the floor covering.
  • Place additional brackets evenly across the width of the headrail.
  • The clip release flange goes toward the wall or window.
  • Tighten all screws so the brackets are securely mounted before attaching the headrail.
Installing the blinds headrail

Determine which side you want the chain and traverse cord to hang from. This determines the front of the headrail. Center headrail to mounting clips. Insert the front lip of the headrail into the groove at the front of the clip and then push up on the headrail until it snaps into the back of the clip.

To remove headrail, push up on the release flange at the back of the clip. You may have to use the tip of a screwdriver to push the release flange.

Attaching the vanes to the blinds headrail

Pull the traverse cord so the vane holders spread out evenly across the headrail. Then, pull the chain so the openings in the holders face toward the wall.

Hold vane near the top to support it and gently push the vane up into the holder. Gently pull the vain down to lock it on the hook.

Attach the vanes so that all curves, seams or patterns face the same way.

If fabric vanes are used, the same procedure applies for attaching to headrail. Fabric vanes come with a small weight that you insert into the bottom pocket either from the top or side. Chains and clips may be used to maintain even spacing. These are attached in the small hole at the top of each weight.

Removing vanes from the blinds

When you want to remove a vane, slide a credit card or something similar up the vane on the hook side of the vane holder. Then slide the vane and card out to of the vane holder. Do not persist in pulling if the vane does don't slide out easily. Make sure the vane is not sliding back on to the hook. The card must interrupt the hook to be effective.

Attaching tension pulley

The pulley is attached to the bottom baseboard or wall. There are two holes in the base of the pulley where screws are used to attach to wall or inside window frame. Once the pulley is secured put the loop of the vertical cord in through the top part of the pulley. The top part is the part that is spring loaded. Locate in the headrail of the vertical track two knotted ends of the traverse cord. Choose the knotted end farthest away from the traverse cord and chain and pull out until the tension pulley becomes taut with a slight pull on the spring. Make the cord at this point in the track with a marker of pencil. To release the traverse cord from the tension pulley, pull the cord out once more to the marked location and tie a knot there. Put loop back into tension pulley and traverse verticals open and close. If verticals work properly, you can now cut off excess cord.

Vertical Blinds operation

Rotate the vanes by pulling the chain until the vanes are in the desired position. Always rotate the vanes with the chain to the open position before you open the blind with the traverse cord. To align the vanes, rotate them from the front to back by pulling the chain once in each direction. Pull the traverse cord to open and close the blind. Open the blind before traversing the vanes. The vanes will ham if you traverse them while the blind is closed.

Vertical Valance (optional)

The valance can be used for both inside and outside mount. Returns may need to be cut at each end. Similar-cuts must be made where mounting clips were attached to mount the vertical blind. When all cuts have been made, push valance into position in window frame above vertical track. A small sheet metal screw placed in the track will hold the valance in place. Follow instruction above putting on valance returns. For outside mount after installing the headrail using the outside mounting brackets insert the valance into the metal at the top of the bracket. Push firmly into place in each of the brackets. Follow instructions for putting on valance returns.

Cleaning instructions for vertical blinds

Apply mild soap and cold or warm water (never hot) with a soft cloth or sponge. Abrasive or strong cleanser may scratch or mar the vanes surface. Dry with a cloth or towel to avoid water marks.

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